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Locksmith services can cost a lot of money, especially when we are dealing with an emergency. In a hurry to get their problem resolved, most customers end up contacting any random locksmith they can quickly find who takes advantage of the situation and charges an arm and a leg for even minor services. Dispatch Locksmith Service ensures that you are connected to only reputable locksmith firms who charge the right amount for any service you choose. Plus, our affordable rates never pinch your wallet.

Here's our price guide which will help you better understand our services:

Service Price
All Lockout Services $48 - $229
Locks Re-Key $48 - $229
Locks Repair $48 - $179
Key Extraction $48 - $229
Key Extraction (Automotive) $48 - $229
Lock Change $54 - $229
New Lock Installation $114 - $229
Unlock Safe $114 - $329
New Vehicle Key $129 - $329
Ignition Change $129 - $329
Program Transponder Key $129 - $329
  • The prices include a base trip charge of $29.00
  • The price is a minimum estimate for the service. Every key or ignition is built and cut in a unique manner, so the final cost may vary depending on the cut of the key and the programming cost, as applicable.
  • If required, the technician will provide the price on site prior to the start of the job.
  • This price guide is based on the average national pricing for these services.
  • For any pricing questions or estimates please call us at 855-355-5566.

Isn't it extremely annoying to get locked out of your home or car at an odd hour without any help in sight? Ask those who have gone through these situations and they will tell you their long ordeal of helplessness and despair. What if you are stuck in one of these situations yourself? Imagine getting locked out of your car at a remote gas station or losing the keys to your household on your way back home from work. Sounds unnerving, doesn't it? Relax, Dispatch Locksmith Service will make sure that your troubles are quickly resolved with its swift and efficient locksmith dispatch services.

Dispatch Locksmith Service is a premier locksmith dispatch service agency operating in the U.S. which connects you to the nearest locksmith service and is your one-stop portal to the locksmiths in your area. With 24-hour availability and quick solutions to any automotive, commercial or residential lock- and key-related issue, Dispatch Locksmith Service has an extensive network of professional locksmith partners across the United States ready to serve your needs. Whether you are looking for an urgent key fob replacement or need a high-security lock system for your household, just call us at 855-355-5566 and we will help you with all your locksmith-related needs all over the country.

Safety Comes First

Lock- and key-related emergencies aren't just frustrating, they are also very dangerous. What if you accidentally lock the kids as well as the keys inside the car and are unable to get back inside? Imagine a scenario where there is a break-in at your household or office building and all the locks are left dysfunctional. Emergencies such as these call for quick action and you just can't waste a single second looking for a good locksmith. Fortunately, Dispatch Locksmith Service is the answer to all your troubles. Our locksmith dispatch service allows you to get in touch with a reputable and quality locksmith service at any hour of the day and in your town, nearest to your location. All you need to do is call our 24x7 helpline number at 855-355-5566 and state your problem—and a locksmith will be on his way in a jiffy!

Hire With Confidence

Trust is a key factor when it comes to lock- and key-related issues and we understand your reservations over trusting a complete stranger with your keys and locks. For this reason, we only work with professional locksmith firms who are well known in the local area and have years of experience in the field. Be it key extraction, lock change, key fob replacement, high-security lock installation, car key replacement, or more - hire a locksmith through Dispatch Locksmith Service without any hesitation.



How do you get back into your household at 3:00 AM in the morning if the key is stuck inside the lock? What do you do if you have to rush somewhere in a hurry but the garage door just won't open? Any lock- and key-related problem can turn into a major crisis if it happens at an odd hour, at a remote location or demands urgent remedial action. Dispatch Locksmith Service is your best guide during all emergencies related to your locks and keys. Our 24x7 emergency dispatch service ensures that you are connected to the fastest and most reliable professional locksmith partner who can rush to your assistance within minutes of your call. Our professional locksmith partners have years of experience under their belt and come equipped for all kinds of emergencies, including lockouts, key replacements and more. Emergency locksmith services include:

  • 24x7 locksmith assistance
  • Emergency lockouts
  • Unlocking car doors
  • Rekeying services
  • Break-in repairs
  • Lock repairs
  • Changing locks
  • Opening high-security locks
  • And more!

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Residential Local Locksmith

Home sweet home—these three words fill our hearts with an inexplicable warmth and give us a feeling of safety like no place else. However, sturdy locks and keys are the real reasons behind the sense of safety and security we all feel. Should anything go wrong with the locks or the keys, your entire household can become vulnerable to all kinds of external threats. Fortunately for you, a helpful locksmith is just a quick phone call away! Dispatch Locksmith Service is a top-rated locksmith dispatch service offering a complete suite of lock- and key-related services through its professional locksmith partners across the United States. We contract with licensed professional firms who are qualified to handle all types of residential locksmith issues, be it lock replacement, high-security lock installation, re-keying locks and more. With a focus on offering 24x7 handy locksmith assistance to residential communities, we work overtime to ensure that every household in America is connected to a quality locksmith in their hour of need.
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Commercial Local Locksmith

Wherever you conduct your business and however small or large it may be, the one thing you just can't turn a blind eye to is the safety and security of the premises. Maintaining the health of locks and keys at your premises requires the services of professional locksmiths who have years of experience in handling the myriad demands of an organization. Dispatch Locksmith Service's locksmith dispatch service has been connecting businesses with top quality locksmiths for well over a decade and is the most trusted dispatch service available in the country. We understand that time is paramount for any business operation and guarantee rapid response in emergency situations such as commercial lockouts or urgent lock installations. Our locksmiths also provide an array of standard lock and key services for all types of commercial needs, including security system installations, handing keyless and biometric control systems, master key services, file cabinet lock installations and more.
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Automotive Local Locksmith

Nothing is more infuriating than getting locked out of our car. What makes matters worse is the delay you have to face to get back inside because local locksmiths can take hours to locate you and several more to resolve the issue. Need a faster and hassle-free answer to your problem? Call Dispatch Locksmith Service's locksmith dispatch service and get in touch with an experienced locksmith technician near you who will not only reach your location as quickly as possible but will come fully prepared to resolve your issues—be it broken key extraction, lock repair, ignition key service and even key replacement! Having served countless customers in their hour of need for years in the U.S., we are the most reliable locksmith dispatch service in the country today with a network of professional locksmith partners in every town and corner of the county. No matter where you are located, you can trust Dispatch Locksmith Service to send a professional locksmith to your place right away. We deliver services all over the country. Call us now at 855-355-5566 and we’ll connect you with the nearest locksmith.
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